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Apple Files Figurative Trademark for "AirPlay"

Apple Files for New iAd Graphic and "Lion" Trademarks

1b - Apple Files for New iAd Graphic and Lion Trademarks - April 2011 
The US Patent & Trademark Office has published Apple's latest trademark application relating to a new iAd Graphic trademark to be used in advertising and/or marketing products or services. Apple introduced their new iAd service during a June 2010 Keynote. The newly applied for graphic may be associated with their iAd Producer programming tool. A second trademark filing popped up this week in Europe which relates to Apple's next generation operating system dubbed "Lion." Interestingly, their US filing for "Lion" has yet to be made public.  


Apple's Trademark Application In-Part


Apple's Trademark in-part for an iAd graphic 

Apple's Newly Filed iAd Graphic


3 - Apple's new iAd graphic filed with USPTO, Friday apr 8, 2011 

Apple Trademark: International Class Details  


International Class 035: Advertising, marketing, and promotion services; providing business and commercial information in the field of marketing and advertising over computer networks and global communication networks; business services, namely, dissemination of advertising for others via computer networks and global communication networks.


Apple Applies for OS X "Lion" this Week in Europe


As Apple's World Wide Developer Conference draws nigh, their legal team is making sure that everything is in order by filing a trademark for "Lion" in Europe this week. The filing covers the very same International Classes that were filed for in their Chinese filing back in October 2010. Apple's US filing has yet to surface in the US.


Apple Applies for OS X Lion in Europe - Apr 2011 

It's unknown at this time if Apple is having difficulties with their US filing, as the USPTO's database reveals that several companies and/or individuals currently own the "Lion" trademark. Though if history is any indicator, then we're likely to see Apple boldly go forward with use of "Lion" regardless of any potential legal wrangling.


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