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The EU Grants Apple 24 iOS Icon Design Patents

1b - The EU Grants Apple 24 iOS Icon Design Patents - Mar 2011 
It seems that Europe is getting all of Apple's trademark business these days. Since January there have been five major filings alone. It Began with Ping, Apple's branding for their social network for music. The others that soon followed included Ping's associated "Bubbles" logo; "Places" for social networking; "Apple" covering everything under the sun; and finally the famous Granny Smith logos that once belonged to the Beatles. Well, the trend continues today as the EU has just granted Apple 24 iOS icon related design patents. Apple's European copycat competitors are now on notice.


Apple's Trademark Application In-Part


Apple has been granted 24 iOS Design Patents in relation to various icons and onscreen variations that include utilities and productivity (folders). The patents cover Apple icons for a calculator, iBooks, Keynote, Numbers, World Clock, Maps + Compass, iPod, Notes, Contacts, Voice Memos, Photos, MobileMe, YouTube, Settings, Weather, Stocks and most of those illustrated below.


1B - Overview of Icons Covered in the EU's Granted Design Wins for Apple - march 2011 

An example of a Granted Patent Notification is listed below. Apple filed these 24 design patents in September 2010 and the EU granted Apple these design wins officially on March 16, 2011 as indicated below. Officially, the granted design patent numbers include: 001236749 - 0013 to 0032 in addition to 0001 - 0003. The gap in the numbers may suggest that there are ten additional grants to follow in the near future.


2 - One of of 24 EU Registered icon trademark Notifications  - Mar 2011 

Icons on the iOS Display Dock


3 - The EU Grants Apple 24 iOS design patnts - mar  2011 

The Utility Icon Bar


4 - The EU Grants Apple 24 iOS design patents - mar 2011 

Other Randomly Chosen Design Win Graphics


5 - The EU Grants Apple a Design Patent for their iOS Utilities Icon - Mar 2011 

6 - The EU Grants Apple a Design Patent for their Productivity Icon & Bar - mar 2011 

7 - Apple's Game Center Icon has gained registered status in Europe - mar 2011 

8 - The EU Grants Apple a Design Patent for their iOS Calculator Icon - Mar 2011 

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@ Hoomy. Although Apple has created an icon for the Home Button, it appears that it will remain "a button."

However, on a future iPad, as you suggest, it does makes you wonder if that's why they've created an icon for this. There is a patent about a Home Button free iPad design, here:

I personally think that the "Home Button" will become an assigned touch area of the display bezel. Or, the "touch area" could just be positioned at the bottom-center no matter what orientation you're in (portrait or landscape). This way when you're in landscape, it would still be at the bottom-center too. That's more intuitive.

I wonder if the Home Screen icon presages iDevices sans physical home screen buttons...

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