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A Flood of New FCC Documents Surface on Apple-Verizon iPhone

1 CO - Cover - A flood of FCC doc surface on Apple - Verizon iPhone - Jan 2011 
A flood of new Apple-Verizon iPhone documents have surfaced over at the FCC which includes information on Apple's 16 and 32GB packaging labels and a Personal Hot Spot Declaration letter from Apple to the FCC.  


The Verizon iPhone: A Flood of Documents Surface at FCC


2 - More FCC Documents surface for Apple's Verizon iPhone - Jan 13, 2011 

If you're familiar with electrical and wireless specifications and want to know every little detail about the Verizon iPhone, then you might want check out the new documents that have surfaced over at the FCC as we note above. 


One of the little interesting tid bits found in this new batch of documents is that many of the Calibration Certificates listed above, came from the Calibration Laboratory of Schmid & Partner Engineering AG, in Zurich Switzerland.


Below are images of the 16 and 32 GB packaging labels for the Verizon iPhone in full and in close-up form so that you could better read the fine print.


3 - apple verizon iphone 16GB packagng overview - jan 2011 

4 - iPhone - Verizon - 32 GB packaging labels - Jan 13, 2011 - Apple FCC 

5 - C Out - Apple - Verizon iPhone labeling Close up - jan 13, 2011 FCC 

The only thing that really differs in the 32 GB version of the lable is the code number 826-9729-A.  


Apple to FCC – Personal Hot Spot Declaration Letter


6 - Apple to FCC letter - Personal Hot Spot Declaration - Jan 13, 2011 - 

One of the differences between the AT&T-GSM iPhone and Verizon's CDMA iPhone is that the Verizon version will ship with new "Personal Hotspot capabilities" which allows sharing its 3G connection with up to five devices simultaneously. Apple's noted letter to the FCC above outlines this feature.



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