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On October 10, 2010, China's Patent & Trademark Office published Apple's latest trademark application for "Game Center" under application 301731753. Apple has filed their trademark under a single International Class covering video and computer game software. To run Game Center on your iPhone (3GS or 4) or iPod touch, you'll simply need to upgrade to OS 4.1 


Apple's Trademark Application In-Part


2 - application in-part, Game Center, Apple Inc, Trademark Office in China 

Apple Trademark: International Class Details


International Class 009: Computer software; video and computer game software; computers; computer hardware; handheld digital electronic devices.


Apple asserts a claim of priority based on their Jamaican application number 55424, filed in August 2010. It should be noted that China's Patent and Trademark Office noted in this report is officially known as the Intellectual Property Department, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


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Update October 12, 2010: Apple has filed for the Game Center trademark in Europe under applications 009434887 and 009434879. Though published on Oct 12, 2010, the official date of the filing is noted as being October 8, 2010. Apple's European trademark applications generally cover the following Class basics: 


Firstly, it covers International Class 009 as is noted in the Chinese application above. Beyond that single Class, the European filing adds new International Classifications as follows: Class 28 covering toys and video games; Class 35 covering retail store services featuring computer software provided by the internet on handheld devices; Class 38 covering telecommunications and telecommunication services; Class 41 covering education and entertainment services, providing information about video games via the internet and organizing computer and video game competitions; and lastly, Class 42 covering video game design and developmental services and so forth. 


Notice: Patently Apple presents only a brief summary of new trademarks with associated graphic(s) for journalistic news purposes as each such trademark is revealed by the U.S. and/or other foreign Patent & Trademark Offices. Readers are cautioned that the full text of any patent and/or trademark applications and/or grants should be read in its entirety for further details.


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