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According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Provincial Government of Saskatchewan has announced that their cabinet ministers and senior staff will be provided with iPads from Apple Inc. in an effort to reduce paper consumption.  


Working Towards the Paperless Government


Saskatchewan's deputy cabinet secretary made a statement to the CBC that "as this gets rolled out, I will save 68 boxes of paper in my office a year. We're [also] saving on courier costs. That's going to go down, from my office, by $8,000, $9,000 a year."


While we've heard about the paperless office over the years, we're now seeing the first steps toward the paperless government. Hmm, a government that provides no paper trail: is that good or bad? – Ha!


Tablet computers have long been marketed as electronic alternatives to paper and books and are now being embraced by some offices that wish to move toward a paperless workplace.


The Canadian BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is expected to officially announce details about their own new tablet device later this week which could steal some of the iPad's thunder. For now, the Saskatchewan Government has voted for the iPad.


Source: CBC






Smart move! Am just thrilled at how this device will make my Master's degree and further my Phd more fun and less cumbersome. I'll just hope that most of the books i'll need to read will be digitized by the time am about to start which is in a year's time. With this, i can carry more and more books around as i continue my research.

So for me too, less papers which is friendlier to the trees and all.


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