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Apple Launches Patent Lawsuit Against Sanho Corporation

1 Cover - Apple vs Sanho Corporation - sept 10, 2010 

According to documents filed yesterday with the California Northern District Court, Apple has launched a patent infringement lawsuit against Sanho Corporation the maker of the HyperMac product line of products. The details are very sketchy at the moment as the documents are non-specific as you'll see in the filing documents in this report. The actual "Complaint" has yet to be made public even though it's listed as being filed. An update will be provided for when and/or if further details are made available.

Document One

2 - Apple vs. Sanho doc 1 

Document 2

3 - Apple vs Sanho doc 2 

The presiding Judge in this case will be Howard R. Lloyd. The other two documents associated with this case were, (1) Standing Order RE: Initial Case Management and Discovery Disputes, and (2) Standing Order for All Judges of the Northern District of California: Contents of Joint Case Management Statement. The document covering case number 5:10-cv-04042-HRL states that the case is indeed concerning "Patent Infringement" under Cause 35: 271.


Update: The Court's Docket Report


As you could see below, the court has the complaint but has yet to hyperlink it so as to make it available to the public. Whether there's simply a court-service glitch or a solid reason for the delay is unknown at this time.


X2 - The Court's Docket Report




i think hypermac caught red handed making knock off magsafe cables.

Gabriel Couto

Sanho buys original MagSafes from Apple, and then modify them to build HyperMac batteries.

So I think the MagSafe will not be the case.

Mike Evangelist

This is probably about the mag-safe connector on the charging cables. This is the only third-party product I've ever seen which has that connector. I believe Apple has that pretty well covered with patents.

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