Apple Introduces us to the Telephonic MacBook
Apple App will Create a Comic Book from Your Video Game Play


Great effort this year guys! Keep it coming.....

Hey, thanks. The site is great, the reports are meaty.

Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

Cheers back at ya! Thanks for the dedication and attention to detail.

I always enjoy your site. Thanks for the passion.

Gongratulations from Germany! You guys doing a great job.

Congratulations - you've become the de facto authorative source on Apple patents, and deservedly so.


Now all that's left to do is change the hateful body text Arial Narrow so that people will be able to read your site more easily!

Hi Jack
Happy birthday Patently Apple!
Looking forward to another year of fascinating posts...

Fantastic site. Very technically informative and useful. Enjoy it immensely.

You guys are amazing! I tune every time there is a tweet coming from you! And you always provide us with the best analysis and insight about future Apple technology.

Keep up the good work!

thank you guys, your effort are greatly appreciated and your passion transpires through your posts.

This site rocks!!
One thing I honestly love is that when you do your write ups I feel that you are really into it. You cant fake that cause it shows right away.
Keep up the good work. Hopefully OM Media or AOL or Martha Steward's OmniMedia would buy you out :-). LOL

Thank you guys! (from Macacos, Uruguay)

Way to go Jackimo! All the best in year two and thanks for the all the hard work.

I don't always understand the patents, but I love the site

Congratulations! Thanks for the great and in-depth articles.

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