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In a Bloomberg Television news segment that aired yesterday called "Apple's Code of Silence," they interviewed former Apple senior systems engineer Edward Eigerman who was fired at some point in time for "violating the intellectual property rules at Apple" prior to an Apple product release. Eigerman discussed the internal security measures at Apple with Bloomberg's Matt Miller and Deirdre Bolton. The over-the-top interview remark and question made by Deirdre Bolton, noted at the 1:08 mark of this video, is noted as follows: "There are some journalists who have described working there after speaking with people who have left, that it's almost like a Terrorist organization. I hate to say it that way, but it's like these small cells where secrecy as you mentioned there's to be no overlap between products or between knowledge. What does that do for the company – or to the company?" Whether it was Deirdre Bolton or Bloomberg's editorial staff who crafted this description is irrelevant. Apple is one of America's most respected technology companies and Steve Jobs one of the most respected CEO's in American history. Their question, especially out of their New York Office, comparing Apple to a terrorist organization was completely unprofessional and out of line. For the sake of ratings, this professional news organization has stooped to the lowest levels of journalism. On the eve of Apple announcing a revolutionary new product, Bloomberg decided to be on the stupid side of history. What a sad day for journalism. They could always pretend to hide behind their twist that "some journalists" were the source, but Bloomberg knew full well what they were doing here in posing that question for the sake of cheap sensationalism. That was an uncalled for sucker punch, in my view, and one that they should own up to and apologize for. – That's my opinion for January 27, 2010.


It seems to be standard disgruntled employee BS to me, to consider a great company like Apple as "terrorist".

So, this guy is saying that Apple is a screwed-up company that is destined to lose money and fail? I think it would be good to be in an organization that didn't have dozens of leaks. Most workers could easily be turned over for a thousand bucks which could definitely harm a company. Industrial espionage is something you don't want in any company.

Having worked at NeXT and Apple this guy is full of crap. Clearly, he wasn't well respected and received when he worked there so it's quite easy to see how one, out of the loop, could conceive of an organization being secretive and covert.

I never had that problem. I wasn't one who disrespected my legal obligations to my employer and wanted to take from them.

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