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THINK DIFFERENT - Apple Inc. - Einstein 
On December 8, 2009, the US Patent & Trademark Office published Apple's new trademark application for Think Different under application 77882684. Apple's application makes note that Think Different was used as early as September 28, 1997. In 1997 there wasn't an iPod and this may be one of the main reasons for Apple's new trademark application for Think Different. However, Apple's International Classification 009 now covers the iPod under MP3 audio players in addition to generically covering "Portable and handheld digital electronic devices" so as to cover any future tablet Apple may be contemplating in the future. Is Apple gearing up for something?


Macintosh – Think Different


Apple's most current specimen and the one associated with their application is shown below. It appears to be packaging of some kind taped to something like a newspaper clipping.  Has this even been published yet – being that all we see is a taped together specimen?


Apple's trademark speciman


Apple's Think Different marketing campaign will definitely be remembered fondly by Apple's fan base. It was one of the most powerful ad campaigns for computers since their original 1984 ad introducing the Macintosh during Super Bowl 1984.


Apple: Think Different TV Ad



Apple: Introducing the Macintosh – 1984 


International Classes Detailed in Today's Trademark Application

Only International Class 009: Computers, computer hardware, computer peripherals, and user manuals sold as a unit therewith; computer cables; computer terminals and monitors; computer keyboards; Portable and handheld digital electronic devices for recording, organizing, transmitting, receiving, manipulating, playing and reviewing text, data, image, audio and video files; MP3 and digital audio players; Hand held computers, personal digital assistants, electronic organizers; Computer software for use in organizing, transmitting, manipulating, and reviewing text, data, audio and video files on portable and handheld digital electronic devices; Computer software for use in authoring, downloading, transmitting, receiving, editing, extracting, encoding, decoding, playing, storing and organizing audio, video and other digital data; Computer operating system software; Computer software for use in organizing, managing, viewing, browsing and accessing files, computer application software, disks, network connections, and computer hardware and peripheral devices; Computer software for use to navigate and search a global computer information network, as well as, organize and summarize the information retrieved; Computer software for the automatic configuration of computer networks, programs, peripherals, hardware and other computer devices; Computer programming software and computer software for software development; Application development tool programs; Computer utility software; Internet browser software; Computer fonts, typefaces, type designs and symbols; Computer software for use in font justification and font quality; Computer software for matching, correction, and reproduction of color; Computer programs for accessing, browsing and searching online databases; Computer software for use in providing multiple user access to a global computer information network for searching, retrieving, transferring, manipulating and disseminating a wide range of information; Electronic mail and messaging software; Computer software for task list management, automated reminders, and scheduling; Computer software for management of personal and business information for individuals and groups; Computer software for personal information and contact information management; Computer software for the creation, delivery, editing and viewing of digital media, namely, video, sound, animation, graphics, text, music and virtual reality; Computer software for use in authoring, downloading, transmitting, receiving, editing, extracting, encoding, decoding, playing, storing and organizing text, data, audio, video and still images; Computer game software; Computer graphics software; Computer software for data backup; Computer software for protecting, restoring and recovering data; Data synchronization software; Computer software for use in network server sharing; Local networking software; Computer software for analyzing and troubleshooting other computer software; Computer software for website development; Computer software for the creation, editing, authoring and/or playback of digital versatile disks; Computer software used for image editing, image processing, image acquisition, image file management, image viewing, image sharing, and the creation of documents incorporating images; Computer software for use in video editing; Computer software for use in word processing and database management; Computer programs for creating, editing and printing documents comprised of text and graphics; Computer software for use in word processing and database management; Computer software for creating spreadsheets, tables, graphs, and charts, and for organizing and analyzing data, for home, education, business, and developer use; Computer software for presentation graphics, namely, software for generating, storing, retrieving, manipulating and altering texts and graphics for use in presentations.

Notice: Patently Apple presents only a brief summary of new trademarks with associated graphics for journalistic news purposes as each such trademark is revealed by the U.S. and/or other foreign Patent & Trademark Offices. Readers are cautioned that the full text of any patent and/or trademark applications and/or grants should be read in its entirety for further details. To read this report in another major language, check out Yahoo! Babel Fish.


That's the top cover of a new 21.5" iMac box. The "Use of this product are subject to acceptance of the software license agreement..." messages (in eight different languages) have been covered up by some new legalese. Apple often covers up the same area when some new text needs to appear on the outside of the box.

Think Different was my favorite marketing campaign from Apple. A lot more than just funny commercials. They really should resurrect it and revive the posters and, in fact, do a lot more in celebration of this vision that came true.

Great videos by the way - and great that you now have a permanent record of them on your site.

Most excellent news!

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