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1A - Future Apple Medial Player Error Indicators - Cover Icon 

On December 3, 2009, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals various concepts behind a new series of future media player error indicators. The indicators will be used to notify users that the device is unable to proceed with a particular function the user has requested – be it playing a tune, a movie, a TV show or displaying a photo. Apple's patent presents us with indicators that represent a broken DVD, broken CD and alternatives like a broken projector or guitar.  Each of these error indicators will be accompanied by a matching sound effect that is designed to be both fun and handy for those using headphones while in transit or while training.


Apple to Offer Multiple Themes for Error Indicators


Apple's patent goes one step further in clarifying that the error indicators will be available in themes that the user could chose. A theme of one such set may be relatively "serious" and subdued, including realistic graphics for display (14) and realistic audio for audio output (12). A theme of another such set may be more "whimsical," including more abstract graphics and-more fanciful audio. Still another theme for still another set of error indications may be more "outrageous," including "extreme" graphics and audio.


2 - Future Apple Medial Player Error Indicators 
With each such set there will typically be one error indication that is appropriate for media like movies, one error indication that is appropriate for media like music, etc. The "granularity" of the error indications can be even greater. For example, media from actual movies may be distinguished from media from television programming, with different media-appropriate error indications being used for each (broken film graphic for movies; smashed television screen for television programming). As another example of such greater granularity, classical music media may be distinguished from country music media, with different error indications for each (broken violin graphic for classical music; broken guitar graphic for country music).

Apple credits Kourtny Minh Hicks, William Bull, Benjamin Rottler and Eric Hope as the inventors of patent application 20090296552, originally filed in Q3 2008.


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