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March 2009

Apple is issued an Extreme Sporting Patent Revealing New Devices!

1 - Apple issued Extreme Sporting Patent
The USPTO has officially revealed one of Apple's great Issued Patents which covers extreme sports. Apple is apparently working on an activity monitoring system that uses speed and loft sensors amongst others to monitor ski, snowboard and mountain bike jumps. For example, a typical snowboarding person might regularly exclaim after a jump that she "caught" some "big sky," "big air" or "phat air" without ever quantitatively knowing how much time really elapsed in the air. Apple's invention is to provide an apparatus and method for determining the "air" time of participants in sporting activities. The system is also shown to work with a monitoring watch, very much like a Polar style device. As in the case of Apple working with Nike, Apple may now be working with leaders in other sporting arenas. Whether Apple will modify the iPod in any way or simply debut a series of new devices like a smart-watch is unknown at this time. But for now, it's clear that Apple has their eyes on advancing deeper into the sporting market. Extreme Sport enthusiasts - get ready!  

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Apple Files an Enterprise Quality Biometric Security System Patent for iPhone

Cover Biometrics 
On March 26, 2009, the US Patent & Trademark Office published an Apple patent application relating to an advanced embedded biometric authentication security system that will be implemented on all of Apple's future hardware from the iPhone to the MacBook.  Devices will be able to authenticate the user by comparing the detected identification information with identification information stored in a library of the device. For example, the sensor may include a sensor for detecting features of a user's skin, or features underneath a user's skin. Other methods include fingerprint technology, face recognition, ear canal sensory, and in the case of the iPhone, voice recognition to identify just a few of the security features being considered. If you happen to be creeped out by fingerprint identification security methods, then Apple has come up with a unique alternative methodology called Temporal Pattern which is worth noting. Apple's security features will be able to protect the entire users system or just a few special apps or specific data that the user identifies as being important. Apple has also inventively devised a time-based security feature that would shut down the use of a particular app after a specific time that's assigned to it. All in all, the forthcoming biometric security system options presented are world class and bound to be of great assistance to Apple as they push further into the enterprise market.

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A Future iPhone could Advance Sophisticated In-Vehicle Navigation System Functionality


On March 26, 2009, the US Patent & Trademark Office published one of Apple's patent applications addressing a new in-vehicle navigation system which could either be in the form of a hardwired or mobile device. A mobile device is noted in the form of an iPhone, iPod touch or a new tablet computer which has yet to surface. The integration of very sophisticated sensory technologies specific to in-vehicle functions, such as vehicle motion sensors or a seat-belt specific sensor, assures us that Apple is working diligently with many of the car companies in North America and abroad. It also would suggest that future vehicles will allow for easy iPhone dashboard integration, the likes yet unseen. The proposed navigation system would also implement advanced biometrics to confirm whether the driver, passenger or stranger is attempting to access the system. In safety mode, the navigation system could lock out functions such as text messaging, web browsing and so forth while the vehicle is in motion. Lastly, the future navigation system will also allow for hands free voice command functionality to chart a new vehicle route or to either call out or answer an incoming phone call. Further integration into vehicle dashboards will help to drive iPhone sales in the future.


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Apple's 'Genius' Logo Trademark Now Covers Games, Books and More


The US Patent & Trademark Office has recently published Apple's latest trademark application 77688997 covering Apple's Genius logo. The application updates Apple's 2007 application which covered International classes for retail store services, maintenance and support. The updated application has added International Classes 9 and 41 which basically cover Apple's use of Genius Playlists and Genius Sidebar in iTunes. While these iTune services are restricted to music today, the updated application suggests that the services will extend to other content such as television shows, movies, games books and more in the future.  Apple's claim of priority is based on their Trinidad and Tobago application 40266 filed in late 2008.

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