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December 2008

Apple Reveals New Multi-Dimensional GUI

A new multidimentional desktop in development cover 

In November, the UPSTO Commissioner for Patents told the EE Times that his office was still falling behind and the backlog was growing. That understatement was clearly evidenced today when the UPSTO published between 65-70 Apple patents in a single day. While there were several technological themes that emerged within this allotment, such as back-up and programming, the number one theme of the day dealt with a new multi-dimensional GUI from Apple. "As the capabilities of processing devices progress" the patent reads, "so do the demands on the graphical user interface to convey information to the users in an intuitive manner." Apple defines multi-dimensional as an interface capable of displaying 2.5D or 3D imagery. Apple introduces us to the Newtonian physics model that could be utilized in this new GUI and presents us with several patent figures that illustrate coming features and/or effects. One of these cool effects includes the ability to wrap open windows around multiple surfaces. There are approximately 12 patents relating to this proposed GUI and this report simply presents you with a few highlights.   

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