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September 2008

Intel Hints of Atom - iPhone/iPod Touch Connection at IDF 2008

INTEL LOGO REPORT ICON SIZE There's usually very little said about Apple during Intel's Developer Forum (IDF). Apple's MacBook Air is about the only product that ever gets a worthy mention. Not that Intel wouldn't like to have Apple on Stage debuting a cool new iPhone – because clearly they would love that. So the next best thing, apparently, is to make that specific suggestion loud and clear without ever saying a word. A point in case would be the keynote delivered by Anand Chandrasekher, Sr. VP, Ultra Mobility Group. His keynote was appropriately titled "Mobile Internet Devices: The Innovative Platform."  A video kicked off his keynote and you'll quickly note below in the video collage, that the context of Intel's visuals revolve around the theme of the Atom processor in the Atomic Era. Yet you'll find a specific graphic below that might just raise your inquisitive eyebrow. It's the one that clearly illustrates Apple's iPhone (center left). There's also in a secondary graphic presented (bottom left) where you'll see the iPhone positioned at the top-center of a sun-like globe. Intel was definitely sending us clue that there's some kind of connection between a future iteration of the iPhone and the Intel architecture. Then again, it could have been yet another fantasy dreamed up by Intel's marketing team. The problem is that it blurs the line. Either Intel knows that Apple's iPhone with Intel-Inside is in the works or they're stepping over the legal line here trying to give their architecture a false endorsement. Only time will tell which it is.

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