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On September 17, Hong Kong's Intellectual Office published Apple's latest trademark titled 'MainStage' under application number 300953901.  The application was filed under International Classifications 9, 16, 41 and 42 which are detailed below.  Apple asserts a claim of priority based on Trinidad and Tobago application number 38555, filed in June of this year. Apple's latest trademark application directly relates to their recent release of Logic Studio.  


Apple's MainStage


According to Apple's coinciding press release last week, "MainStage turns the Mac into a powerful live performance rig that produces reliable, consistent sound—whether music is being made at home, in a rehearsal space, or in front of an audience.



Screen controls link software plug-ins to hardware knobs, faders and buttons, so musicians can use their favorite gear while performing live. An easy-to-read interactive display designed for distant viewing in dim light, shows exactly the information needed on stage. Professional templates simplify set-up giving musicians more time to explore and create their own unique sounds." Click here for details on MainStage. 


International Classes

Apple's latest trademark filling covered the following International Classification details.


International Class 9: Computers and data processing equipment; computer software; computer hardware; computer peripherals; magnetic and optical data carriers; multimedia software; audio-visual computer hardware and software; computer operating system software; computer utility software; software for data processing, file management, data storage, data recovery, and database management; software for editing, enhancing, mastering, encoding, decoding, producing, distributing and broadcasting audio and video recordings and images; audio, video, and image editing systems; software for downloading, purchasing, transmitting, receiving, extracting, playing, sharing, manipulating, storing and organizing audio, video, images, multimedia content, digital data, audio and video cassettes, and audio and video discs; software for music composition; software for music performance, amplification, recording and mixing; software for playing, amplifying, recording and mixing audio and video; software and publications in electronic form (downloadable) supplied on-line from databases, from facilities provided on a global computer network or the Internet; and user manuals and electronic instruction manuals sold therewith.


International Class 16: Printed materials and publications, user guides, instructional manuals, magazines, data sheets, white papers, newsletters, catalogs, pamphlets, periodicals and magazines concerning computers, computer software, and music and video production.


International Class 41: Music, video, and film production services; training in the operation of software systems; editing, producing, encoding, decoding, and enhancing audio, video, and multimedia content.


International Class 42: Computer programming for others; design of computers for others; design of new products for others; computer consultation regarding audio, video, television, graphics, photography, and motion picture production projects; advisory services relating to computer software used for audio and video recording; software design, development, and programming for others; research in the field of computer software for others; consulting services relating to software; providing access to digital audio and video files via the Internet; maintenance, installation and repair of computer software; updating of computer software; technical support, maintenance, and consulting services pertaining to computer software and consumer electronics; computer diagnostic services; consulting services in the field of selection, implementation and use of computer hardware and software systems for others; computer data recovery.


Apple's trademark application was filed by the office of Baker & McKenzie, Hong Kong.


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Note: The Hong Kong's Intellectual Office referred to in this report is officially known as the Intellectual Property Department, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.



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