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June 2007

Apple, Intel and the Ultimate Mobile Device


I could understand why the PC Press didn't bother to present news of Intel's visionary video titled I have seen the future, step into tomorrow ( which was shown during Intel's Spring IDF 2007 from eijing). You couldn't possibly watch it without seeing and thinking of Apple's iPhone, all the while. Although Tony Smith, reporting for the Register from the Beijing Conference didn't mention viewing Intel's video, he recently questioned in his report, "what chip is the iPhone based on? Apple hasn't said, but we'd put money on UMP." Obviously that's the kind of buzz and conclusion that most seeing this video walked away with, as you very well may, once you've seen it. Today's report will center in on that cool video while briefly reviewing Intel's UMP keynote. Yet at the end of the day, Apple mocks Intel's Golden Rule and Intel walks away the loser by playing imitator.

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