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October 04, 2013


Right. I'll agree I took it a bit too personal. Maybe it's because I found Susan a likable person.

And CNN really did mess up with that close-up of her mouth covered in gloss.

Thanks for your comment FLP.

Working backwards, I really don't want a face associated with Siri. That's why I stated that, "I want my virtual assistants to be virtually unknown, always."

Ms. Bennet opened the door by admitting she thought it was "creepy." I'm simply agreeing with her.

CNN's method of introducing Ms. Bennet didn't help. Having a close up of her mouth in your face was a terrible idea and starts the interview off wrong right off the bat.

When I said it wasn't personal, I meant it. You took it personally, I can't help that.


It's like saying they shouldn't have divulged the voice actors in Toy Story, or any animation film for that matter.

I'm actually glad they did the coverage and I love the fact that Siri is actually "someone." Before Susan's story got out, the service was 99% maths and 1% human. Now the scales have evened out a bit. All of the people I've relayed the story to find it endearing (not that you should agree with everyone else, that I can respect).

Imagine how Susan will feel if she reads, "Well Ms. Bennet I'm now creeped-out knowing that you're the voice of Siri too."

Are you creeped out because she's not Miss Atlanta, or because you really don't want a face associated with the voice of Siri?

I think her agent wanted to promote her. If you think this was accidental, you're mistaken.

Maybe she didn't have a choice? Maybe she was outed? Siri has been out quite awhile - two years. She knew Siri was her voice not just by the sound but by what it was saying, some of the phrases she recorded. She owns an iPhone.* She's known for the longest time. Maybe several months ago, somebody glommed onto this fact. Who paid for the sound expert to render a verdict? Media - local paper or TV station? Should she deny it? There still would be a story. I don't think this is Susan Bennett's fault at all.

* One question not asked in this entire circus is how creepy is it for Susan to receive spoken information from her iPhone in her own voice? Like having a dead twin sister speak from the grave?

At least now reviewers won't say that siri has a robotic voice.

She should've definitely stayed anonymous

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