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October 04, 2013


Isn't this similar to the Palm Foleo approach which was killed before release? Weaker device communicates to stronger device with a sum of the parts much less than a whole and the customer out twice the money?

"And Samsung, sooner or later, will learn that it can't build a coherent device just by throwing features at it."
I highly doubt that.
It seems to be working out great for the"smart""phone"(should be called dumb tablet)range

I cannot say I am surprised. Trying to beat Apple at their own game before the game has even started by taking an idea that has been attributed to Apple even though Apple had and has said next to nothing about that idea, and going with the Waterfall method will always be a poor approach to designing, "innovating" and being the first to market with something new. If Apple ends up producing a "smart watch" then I hope they take as much time and burn through as many iterations as necessary to deliver yet another gold standard for mobile computing devices. I am in no particular hurry for my possibly inevitable purchase...

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