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October 03, 2013


I think it's much easier to perfect on someone else's innovations when they're laid down the framework than it is to break through with the innovation. New is by no means easy.

P.S. I know people have already mentioned the Motorola Atrix from 3 years ago. I had it and the finger print scanner worked absolutely perfectly.

That's the point, Bob. Having technology for technology sake but not knowing how to utilize it via software is why Android OEM's are useless. What's the use of having a feature on your smartphone without a purpose or it not functioning.

The company that executes properly is the real inventor here Bob, and apparently Apple knows how to make that happen.

It's like Samsung's use of NFC forcing users to physically tap their phones together in order to share files or photos.

Apple introduced AirDrop and did it intelligently so that users didn't have to do the silly tapping function. So it's not about who's always "first." It's about who's doing something right. New is easy, right is hard.

You sound like an apple fan who just think's that Apple is the best and that no on can compete with them. Android had the tech first and no one saw a way to impalement it into their phones until Apple copied it and just put it some where else the home button. You call that innovation?

Well you do have a point. What Apple didn't copy was its failure to capture public imagination through the use of a bad and balky design.

Android didn't have the finger print scanner, Motorola did and copying is found in the patents not who brings it to the market first. Apple has been working on this since 2009. Thankfully Apple isn't like Motorola and brings junk to the market

On August 13, 2013, Patently Apple published an article titled, "Samsung Blurs the Line Again with a new Smartphone Design with an Apple-Styled Home Button".

If Samsung is allowed to hide behind this patent, I have no doubt Samsung will attempt to add its fingerprint sensor in its new Home button just like Apple has done.

Now that Apple has shown the way, Samsung will not rest until it has fully copied Apple's fingerprint technology.


success breeds imitation. not failure.
no one wants to copy a random finger print sensor that didn't work 90% of the time (and it was in the back so it was a pain to use)

Every time Apple does something, the smartphone industry says its boring and nothing special but immediately after, Android gets it and then it becomes Apple is falling behind the times and can't keep up with Android. If Apple's fingerprint sensor is now considered nothing special then why would all the rest of the industry try to adopt it? Apple just can't win. Apple needs to create some technology so wrapped up in patents that it can't be copied without their permission. I wonder if the Android vendors will be able to recreate the technology at a really low cost and still keep it high-quality.

Everything Apple tries to do is so quickly copied that Apple has almost no advantage for more than a few months. What's strange is that the Motorola Atrix with fingerprint scanner was around for almost a couple of years and almost no other company bothered to copy that feature. Apple introduces a fingerprint sensor with the iPhone and then immediately comes the massive copycat flood. On top of that, the industry says Apple can't innovate any longer. I really don't get the hypocrisy.

Typical Apple misdirection. Android had a fingerprint scanner before Apple. Remember the Motorola Atrix? So who is copying whom?

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