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October 08, 2013


Apple might have such an agreement in place already. My question is this, are they building their own screens now? That would not surprise me if they made a paradigm shift in that area. I pretty sure they know more about screens than LG&Samsung combined by now.

I don't see how this will be of any use except for in an iWatch (which probably isn't coming out) or flexible screens (total gimmick)

Apple should be actively supporting this company with cash and make some sort of deal where Apple gets the technology for three months before any other company is allowed to use it except for LG. It should be totally worth it to Apple to make such a deal. Every time Apple comes out with something new, the copycats will immediately follow. Those new batteries are pretty slick. Battery tech really needs to advance to match mobile hardware. Those cable batteries should come in handy in Apple's iWatch (if there is such a product forthcoming). Apple could really use LG's help with product development to go head to head with Samsung.

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