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October 10, 2013


First of all, let's not forget that the AirTunes/AirPlay protocol and the AirPort Express have been around since June 2004. I highly doubt that Apple forgot to apply for patents for these inventions. The underlying control and delivery mechanisms are similar.

Regardless of the first point, the trouble with this patent is that the patented mechanism has existed in the form of remotely controlled and delivered switched digital video (i.e. set-top digital cable boxes) for at least 15 years - and remotely controlled and delivered audio/video over IP has been around even longer.

Seems sketchy at best.

Is the company also suing all the other devices from other manufactures that do essentially the same thing? It seems to me that even Samsung's new "Smart TV" would qualify.

I would love to see how their invention works in real life between devices and not just in their world of make believe.

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