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October 15, 2013


Why is Apple cutting prices of a product that is 3 yrs old? They should have cut the prices of the 5c instead and retired the 4s

Indian telecom policies dont allow locking of phones to a carrier and its ridiculously high priced for such a price sensitive market, would u pay 850$ for an iphone 5s 16gb? Not many would, not even a fanboy like me, its one of the reasons im trying to get one from abroad instead, the price of iphone 4s in india is close to that of a GS4, and the indian market is dominated by samsung(hate that),this is one of the reasons why

It's about wanting to own a high end brand like a used car. There's always a market for brands at an affordable price. Some would rather own an older iPhone at a price that they can afford than a cheap new /android phone. At least the iPhone 4S can connect to the world's best iTunes Store.

Well look it's Einstein.
How exactly do you know how much the 5s costs if they are only going to release it in Nov 1??
If you are talking about prices in US then $850 is the price of 64 GB version not 16GB version.
and this article is about 4s and not 5s.
On that note....
Why don't they sell stuff on contract here??
and why are they still asking money for the 4?? (Like anyone is going to buy it even for free.)

Stay in context nishant. The focus of the story is in the byline. Can you read? It's not about the iPhone 5S its' about the iPhone 4S at lower prices. Sheesh.

Tightening the screws on Samsung? The iPhone 5s 16gb costs 54,000 rupees (US 850$) in india, its gonna Fail.

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