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September 02, 2013


Not according to the stats, Jeff. They are what they are.

That fad has passed

My girlfriend loves Apple's current iPhone display size because she has small hands. I on the other hand would definitely like a larger display. Those saying otherwise will change their minds in a heartbeat once the iPhone does offer it. So defending it is futile. The iPhone 5S is a maintenance upgrade and with fierce competition, it's not going to do all that well. Rightfully or wrongfully, Samsung is what people talk about. Apple needs something radical to change that.

Ever been to a Best Buy lately? Not a single iPhone is connected to the net. Only phones with larger screens have access to test them out. Maybe that will change after the new iPhone is out, but for now it sucks.

I don't know which I'd like better between a dual display and a flex display design. But it's more than likely that Apple will try to reinvent the core iPhone design next year. I'll likely wait until then before I upgrade.

I too was hoping for a larger iPhone display. At least a 4.7 but really for a 5 plus inch display. But Apple was likely afraid of that size of display cramping their iPad mini sales. It's also why they downplay a MacBook with a detachable display.

This is Apple looking after Apple and not their customers.

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