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August 12, 2013


I fully agree with you!

It will be interesting to see how Samsung fairs in the marketplace with Tizen when it has to compete with iOS and Android and Windows.

Even though Intel is a developer of Tizen. I do not see this as a positive for either company.

Taking the time to come up with original work instead of unabashed copying functionality of other operating systems will be a huge effort.

Getting developers onboard to support Tizen will not be easy especially since many of Samsung's underhanded tactics are being exposed to the world.

Developers have their own images to foster in a positive light and being associated with a company that is being seen as a thief, a fast follower instead of a leader, a fracturer of a leading operating system is not going to go well at all.

Tizen had better get back on schedule fast because Samsung's developer conference is approaching and promoting Android instead of Tizen is probably going to backfire.

Damn! I was really counting on Samsung shifting to Tizen OS on all it's high-end smartphones next year to blunt Android's rapidly growing market share. Samsung screwed Apple again. Samsung really punked out after the CEO boldly made those statements on stage. I'd sure like to know exactly what went wrong with Tizen to delay development just like that. At least for once I finally hear Samsung got hung up on something. You'd think it was the most perfect company in the world that never runs into problems just like they say Apple always does.

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