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July 27, 2013


Thanks for your comment James. But C'mon, do you really think that Apple would have an ugly flaming red iPhone? or how about that horrendous puke green. Yes, Apple may go with colors like we pointed out in the iPod touch scheme of things. But those particular colors are just too over the top.


Well I think the real deal will certainly look much better in person, versus these crappy "leak" photos. I do happen to think the color palette will align much more closely to those on the iPod Touch or even the new color palette in iOS 7. But again, it could just be an overexposed crappy picture thats at fault.

I'll reserve judgement until we see actual press shots of the new phone from Apple. But I do think these will be fairly representative of the direction Apple heads for this (apparently named) iPhone 5C

Hi Jack,

I know there's nothing wrong with some color, as I mentioned a few times in my article. I also know that while the focus of this article is to discuss the validity of the leaked images, I was merely commenting on a specific part of it, which itself has different meanings.

isn't it just as likely that these are iPod Touch clones? The Chinese have been making such clones ever since the product was released.

I agree with you on the FCC one - and they others is one of the worst picture I've seen but I think they Might be genuine - at least of a prototype they are considering - the black apple logo is now being used on the new airport and base stations.

Hi Akshay, thanks for your comment and link to your report.

Let me clarify. Whether an "iPhone lite" ends up being sold in a single color or in multiple colors is of no concern.

I'm objecting to the two photo's being real in the first place and stating that Apple would never choose such horrendous colors as presented.

There's nothing wrong in a splash of color.

"And the colors presented - ha! - clearly horrendous if not repulsive."

Interesting thought. But should Apple make iPhones in multiple colors? Can they?

See at http://www.hi-techrevolution.com/2013/07/investigating-the-case-for-a-colorful-iphone/

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