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July 13, 2013


What about connecting an iPad or an iPhone directly to a Mac or PC via the Lightening connector?

This would offer more reliable and faster (USB 2) charging and data exchange between the iDevice and the computer.

I suspect that in the near future, Apple will announce USB 3 support for the Lightning interface -- this will increase the data transfer rate 10 fold, and the charging rate 9 fold.

With the accelerated rates, an USB 3/Lightning iPad or iPhone would be an extremely capable I/O device for a computer.

To answer your question:

Patent claim # 1 states: A wireless electronic device docking system, comprising: an electronic device having recessed area disposed on a working surface of the electronic device, the recessed area to receive a portable computer device; and a wireless module to wirelessly charge the portable computer device when the portable computer device is disposed within the recessed area.

Whether it's patentable, only time will tell.

Why is this patentable? Or rather, what is being patented? Is the concept of attaching a phone to a laptop what is being patented? This is an abstract idea!

Thanks for the comment Hommie.

I think if HP's former idiot of a CEO Leo Apotheker didn't kill WebOS 30 days after it's official release on products, they could have killed Android or at least stopped them from being number one. It was a crime that should have landed that CEO in jail instead of giving him a golden parachute. But that's a story for another day.

I think that Windows is the only viable solution in this scenario for sharing documents in the enterprise. Android can't handle legacy apps and WebOS has little to no following. Would I like to see WebOS resurrect? Yes, but it's not in the cards in the short term (if ever). Too bad.

Just wondering why you think HP would use the Microsoft OS and not implement the capable WebOS that they purchased from Palm?

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