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July 02, 2013


But Wall Street is only concerned with outright market share numbers. The more market share Apple loses the lower the share price becomes. Those pinhead hedge fund investors are always ready to dump a company whose market share numbers fall for whatever reason. Android OS is just making Apple's iPhone look absolutely horrible when it comes to global market share percentages. Those hedge fund investors actually believe Apple's iPhone business is dying and that's something I really don't understand. If they'd just use their tiny brains and see the specific reasons why the iPhone is losing market share they should see unit sales numbers aren't everything.

There's something else the hedge funds are assuming but I don't think it holds water. They figure that if Samsung's Galaxy S4 sales are soft, then Apple's iPhone numbers will be softer. That is a stupid assumption based on the fact they believe a Galaxy S4 is just as good in a customer's eyes as an iPhone because the Galaxy S4 has better hardware specs. Wall Street never thinks the user experience and customer support is worth anything and that is something I don't understand. It's just so easy for hedge funds to bet against Apple because its products are more expensive than others. Wall Street also believes Apple's ecosystem no longer has a big enough moat and that doesn't make sense.

samDUNG was never that glued together... quick cheap products with no attention to detail are bad for all of us - if they only came up with there own product designs and spent the time refining then I wouldn't have much bad words to say about them as a company - but they didn't go that route... so I say good riddance

...like they have done with Sony on tv

Lol this doesn't surprise me, yet the Samsung and android camp will eat this up and say how Samsung is better than Apple because they "sell" more devices. "In other words, Samsung's flagship products aren't flying off the shelf like their hype machine lead so many on Wall Street to believe. To mask their shortcomings they'll setting out to flood the market with cheap products to gain empty market share with little profit." And that Jack is the truth!

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