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July 03, 2013


Somebody is trying to get just a little more coin on a patent expiring shortly.

The gallium nitride thin-film patent covers a way to fabricate a substrate for specialized components used in UHF/microwave radio circuitry as well as some white-light LEDs. Apple doesn't make these sorts of parts. They buy Bluetooth/WiFi chips and LEDs from vendors. The typical vendor contract has the vendor indemnify (insure) the purchaser (Apple) against intellectual property damages, so if a vendor is using the 5,686,738 patent technology in their product, they are ultimately on the hook for any unlicensed use.

Boston University is just going after the proverbial Deep Pockets.

Another patent troll- BU.
Left to BU, if valid, this patent would have gone un-noticed.
But now, that Apple's making $, BU decides it too must throw its hat into the trolling business.

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