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July 01, 2013


The old iOS clock icon is not live. In iOS 7, it is.

Does this mean were stuck with these god awful icons?!!

WOW! Those all clearish grey icons w/ the right BG would look so clean! To bad what we got were icons that looked like a bag of skittles sponsored by crayola!

I'll double that.

The disposal [settings grinder] is truly asinine.

The inconsistencies of drop shadows and embossing on several of these icons makes zero sense.

The Camera icon was flawless as is.

The smaller clock at the bottom of the large icon comes from our WWDC report:


The larger icon showing a different "time" on its face is from Apple's official US Patent and Trademark filing.


The jumbo clock icon shows 10:09:30, the two smaller icons below it show 10:15:00 and 9:40:30. Why the inconsistency?

Just love that new stuff!!!

Guess this means it is official, an iWatch is coming or maybe not. Seems likely though.

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