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July 29, 2013


I think that's a typical "Republican" view of the situation. The report shows the conditions and crazy rules that Pegatron implements that go back to labor camps. I don't think the washroom has been painted in 20 years.

Doesn't anyone at Apple just walk around the very plants that are make their products to see if basic conditions are met? Seriously. And the fact that all major companies close a blind eye to these conditions isn't an excuse for Apple.

Apple's propaganda on worker rights is starting to look like all show and marketing. I like Apple. I know they're under pressure to make a profit from their low end phone. But if workers get the shaft in China, again, then Apple is guilty. They lose their high ground in design and being cool. It's that simple

CLW is a US labor union organization that attacks US companies that buy products and service in China. Typical union tactics.

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