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June 28, 2013


I wonder if these numbers could be even stronger in favor of Apple? Because we know for certain two things regarding phones and tablets, that Apple is the only company that releases real sold numbers. Samsung especially, and the others in general only vaguely release shipped numbers.
For all we know, there are million of tablets never sold, that Samsung in particular might even pay retailers to carry on their inventories so they dont have to return them, at least not yet. Because who in their right mind would buy a $300-600 Dollars device and just put it in a drawer to gather dust? There have to be a better answer, and not sold could be it.

But we cannot expect any type of true investigative journalism from today's tech press. These boys are not journalists, they are fan, and report the news as such. Shamefull !!!!!!

Thanks for the comment Ms. Leed.

However, if all of Latin America has 1% market share and all of Eastern Europe only has 1% market share, do you really think that El Salvador, Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica and all of the other countries in "North America" will actually account for more than 1 or 2%?

As for Canada, there's no data as to the exact numbers of tablets sold by company, so I quoted the web traffic numbers which covers Canada and the US. That accounts for 82%.

The US is likely 90% + of North American sales. Technically, you're correct. Yet realistically speaking, the headline is representative of what the reality on the ground is in "North America."


The US is only part of North America. #misleadingtitle

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