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May 18, 2013


I watched the video that you link to. In that context, Apple destroyed music stores along with Blockbuster where people used to socially gather. Instead, we now go to the computer that further alienates us from social interactivity. So while you attach Mr. Postman's commentary to Google's Glass device, I plainly see that it's more likely that Apple has done more damage. Yet new technology has both a good and bad side.

It's really how you look at it. I'm sure the intimate relationship men had with their horse in terms of transportation in the form of horse and buggy was depressing for some while others embraced the automobile. Change will always have some scream murder while others see the delight of what's new.

It's the never ending story of what we call progress. Whether it is or not is another matter.

“The Technopoly story is without a moral center. It puts in its place efficiency, interest, and economic advance. It promises heaven on earth through the conveniences of technological progress. It casts aside all traditional narratives and symbols that suggest stability and orderliness, and tells, instead, of a life of skills, technical expertise, and the
ecstasy of consumption.” ~ Neil Postman, “Technopoly” p. 192

VIDEO - Book TV: Neil Postman, "Technopoly" - http://youtu.be/KbAPtGYiRvg

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