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May 21, 2013


eBooks are not replacement for Physical books, however many readers are preferring eBooks over physical.I am surprised to see sales no for ebooks, but the numbers will imporve over the period of time.

They are still way to expensive! I was in Indigo yesterday with a friend. The new Dan Brown Hardcover is there for sale for $15.00. The eBook is $15.99 and is not shareable. My friend said he would lend it to his girlfriend after he reads it. No sharing with eBooks.

If the ebook was maybe $8.99 or $9.99 it would be a consideration, but consumers are not stupid and this is why eBooks have not taken off.

Digital distribution costs almost nothing compared to the Physical books. Pass the savings on to the consumer and you will see an increase in sales.

I thought Amazon said that ebooks were outselling paperbacks at its site. I guess bookstores arent doing too bad against Amazon.

the actual file used to store the book is accessible on most devices.

For books that I like to keep for a long time I prefer physical books as there is no guarantee that the eBooks will be accessible or readable after a while. Of the eBooks that I have purchased I prefer the Kindle versions since reading them is device agnostic. The fact that iBooks can only be read on iOS devices and not even my Mac is a deal breaker.

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