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May 13, 2013


I dont know whats more laughable, Samsungs motives and trying to pass them off as "genuine good-hearted," or the idiot that commented below. Something says he is probably a Samsung employee or troll being brainwashed by Samsung, so either way they're both equally as pathetic.

@don't buy Apple...
makes me wonder if you are a sociopath or are willfully ignorant.

So you're for a Communism or Extreme Socialist (take your pick) state. That's why you have little to no original ideas. You have to copy in order to survive.

Samsung is a copycat because that's what commies are good at, but little else. What great stuff comes out of Mother Russia? What comes out of Cuba? So power to the people is all you can claim and it's never done anything right for the people anyways in terms of an economy.

American engineers are paid better and that's why foreigners run here to get away from poverty wages in their own countries. And many of them come here to later have the ability to create a start-up company because of the great system that we have with the markets and venture capitalists.

It's countries like Korea that's the disgrace and one of Samsung's leaders even went to jail for corruption and bribing judges so that he could stuff his pockets. I'll take the US over any commie state or country any day.

It's not a perfect system, but a kid in a garage called Steve Jobs was able to create Apple with Steve Wozniak and that just doesn't happen in Korea. That's a disgrace. To treat people like cattle.

@Don't by Apple: What a crock of crap regarding the US Economy and the virtues of Samsung. It must be interesting to be a paid shill.

Samsung was created and funded by the South Korean government to boost the South Korean economy. More profits to Samsung = more higher-paying jobs to South Koreans.

This is the biggest difference between the South Korean economic model and the US economic model. South Korean comglomerates/"chaebols" exist to better their country first. Profit comes second.
In the US, profit comes first. Country doesn't even come into the equation. The US model is unsustainable in the long run and we're already seeing the effects of such a selfish mentality. The majority of engineers at large US tech companies are Indians, Chinese and Koreans. IBM expects over 70% of their high-tech jobs to be held by foreigners in the coming decade.

Apple is no different. When Apple profits, no one benefits except Apple. Samsung is involved in many charities around the world and is one of the major donators to the US education system. By buying Samsung products, you're supporting the US more than you would when you buy Apple products. What a disgrace.

Looks more like they want to get away with using others' inventions. But we'll see what it will really look like.

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