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May 18, 2013


What? Are you on drugs? The story is about another suicide at a Foxconn plant. The same plant that Apple's Cook went to see to install nets for suicide leapers. The facts you don't want to accept. So there's no digressing. You just can't keep up with reality. There's no selective interpretation. Argue with Cook since you live in a bloody bubble when it comes to your "Apple." I won't be wasting my time with your stupid comments. You're Apple-blind and I can't help you there.

...seriously, must you digress with the point you raised? are we talking about nets now?

the facts ain't blind...your selective interpretation of the facts based on your own bias had made your conscience dull.

Apple representatives are the ones to went to this plant in China to force Foxconn to put up the nets to catch suicidal jumpers. How clear is that? Your love for Apple makes you rationalize anything so as to deflect the fact that it's at a plant that about 70% dedicated to Apple. Deny it all you want, but Apple hasn't. Which makes your position blind to Apple. Are you a shareholder?


What are the suicide rates in FoxConn that are tied specifically to the plants making the iGadgets? What are the suicide rates in China? Is this an aberration? Shall we blame the building collapse in Bangladesh to Children's Place as well?

Is "conscience" really a conscience if it is based on false assumptions?

Does Foxconn ONLY manufacture for AAPL?

At some point you have to look in the mirror and at some point you have to say...do I really know what I'm talking about or am I being pretentious?

Your "truth" sounds like comforting excuses to me. Foxconn factories seem to have a more than normal rate of suicides. You can't hide what's happening. It's not like Apple is causing this, but the fact is that the higher rate of suicide is happening at the factory where the iPhone is made. I think that Apple moving orders to Pegatron is a good move. At some point you have to say, is owning an iPhone worth so much suffering?

Agreed. These news aren't helpful. We may never know the other side of the story. Depression? Home sick? According to the American College Health Assoc, 7 per 100,000 suicides occur at Colleges every year. One thing for sure, the iHaters will be all over this...

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