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May 11, 2013


Even if Apple duplicated Samsung's playbook exactly Wall Street still wouldn't like AAPL.

Wall Street doesn't care about the products, they care about the money. As a consumer I care only about the product quality.
All this hype lately is just Wall Street hype.

yeah.. you are right. a 60 billion share buy back. pff what's that? that's just small change to you huh?

Isn't Apple Doomed? lol

If Apple has any magic left at all, I sure hope they pull something special out of their hat this fall. As it is, this summer is going to be awful bleak for Apple shareholders apart from increased dividends. It find it absolutely amazing a company like Apple with wealth beyond what most companies could even dream of, has lost momentum so quickly to Samsung.

Samsung just keeps coming out with product after product, nonstop while Apple takes six months to gear up for one product.

They're two radically different companies with completely different sales philosophies. The only problem is that Wall Street doesn't like Apple's way at all.

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