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May 04, 2013


Ah! We create technology and then we blame them for our own inability to control our lives. What a classic example of human vanity.

It's a boon for WebCL/OpenCL kernel security exploits. Seeing as the WebCL working group within Khronos is in talks with the WebKit Team on what they expect before even wasting time extending WebCL into WebKit2 I wouldn't brag about Firefox and high end gaming.

We're a solid 18 - 24 months before that really even happens, and then it's an absolute wasted added layer for the game engine developers who would be better served interfacing with the native OS UI frameworks in the first place, but that's Mozilla for you. Their idea of native frameworks is XUL and Javascript, so it's no surprise WebGL/WebCL being Javascript interfaces to OpenGL/OpenCL respectively is going to be a lot of overhead..

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