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May 09, 2013


Samsung is like an AI bot: it is constantly learning from the (sluggish) US patent system what it can get away with as it identifies risk/reward scenarios between damages payouts versus profits + market share it can accrue as justice drags its heels. I would expect to see the other android operators to begin changing from a position of restraint to also becoming far more overt in their copying, as a result.

And then Samsung has the nerve to run this pathetic anti-Apple campaign in the media, comment sections, and their advertising. If it wasn't for Apple, what would these guys be? Sad thing is, Samsung ACTUALLY considers this sort of stuff "innovation," when they add just one simple tweak to Apples designs.

Samsung is the biggest wannabe I've ever seen. Idk, they definitely take the cake from MS in their heyday. I don't think MS was EVER as shameless as Samsung.

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