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May 05, 2013


Why do "apple fan boys" and "android fan boys" hate apple/android .etc.....?

I own 4 iPhones and use to own an android phone..
It was pretty shit cause it was a cheap $80 phone that had a crappy processor but yeah
You could say I'm an "apple fan boy" but really... I want a galaxy s even though I love iPhones.

Oh Yeah. Samsung think iPhone users are dumb and yet Apple cracked the top 10 Fortune 500 List. I guess we have more dumb people in this world than smart people. Samdung should be ashamed of themselves.

Hi Andre and thanks for your comment.

However your comments about "cool people" for the Galaxy and "older folks" for the iPhone. This is Samsung's opinion and not factual. Go to an Apple Store and just observe who's in the store. 80% are young people. This is just a Samsung pipe dream created by their marketing team. You're obviously gullible.

About the parents being associated with the enterprise. The parents own a house with a pool and just put their kids through University. I doubt that they're working for minimum wage. You're not very observant.

About the approval from the Pentagon, I guess you missed the news:


Thanks for your comments Andre, seriously, but I couldn't disagree with you more.


Hi Jack, I'm a huge fan of your blog and respect the work you've done over the years to promote Apple patents. However, I have to disagree with you here. I believe is this kind of attitude towards Samsung has gotten Apple in a spot of bother with declining stock price. I'm sure this would recover in time.

I agree with the comment from S above - this ad is actually very good from Samsung. It depicts cool people using the Galaxy S and older folks using the 'boring' iPhone.

I'm not sure why you are associating a bunch of older folks with enterprise.

And the last time I checked, Samsung's Galaxy phones got Pentagon's approval, while Apple is still waiting. This makes the Galaxy more enterprise ready at the moment.

Who would buy a crappy piece of plastic with a super crappy display that can't accurately present colors? Samdung fans, that's who. Thumbs up to the iPhone and Apple's iTunes and great App Store.

Iphone users are dumb because they have an inferior product.

Exactly. I own an iPhone 5 because I can afford to and because it always works. I'm also not stupid.

Why would I want to buy a phone from a company that thinks I am stupid?

I thought, Samsung ad was really good, this time...

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