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May 03, 2013


i would agree to When the iPad came out, that was useless, the product that doesn't have a define category would find its uses, that maybe just to put it in your home, and use it after breakup

The privacy issue needs to be looked at I feel. As a man can you imagine where our eyes wander to when we are out, about and its all being recorded! With Google owning the images, sound and GPS, a truly walking talking truman show..

I personally don't know anyone that would want these. Im almost positive that no family, friends, or relatives of mine would get these.

Agree Agreed AGREED! No woman on the planet will wear these things (unless they are really nerdy) who would want to chat with you if they think your recording the conversation and or photographing it! people like their privacy and this will bring up issues. recording action like a speeding motorcycle would be cool - but go pro has that covered and well go pro is only a fraction of the price. good luck Google!

Actually, its easy to duplicate. And, Apple has a patent from 2006 for the device which means they probably have prototypes in house. As everyone knows, Apple doesn't parade their prototypes around in public. Also, I think they see the same problems with Google Glass that everybody else is pointing out. Lastly, 100% market share of a 0 market is still nothing.

Wall Street loves Google Glass and they're pushing Google to new heights. WS realizes that Google has that whole market to itself. 100% market share with no chance of any other company duplicating that device. There's almost no news media or pundits that thinks it's a useless. When the iPad came out, that was useless. Everyone thinks this Google Glass is going to be something that will change the world and put Google in a class by itself. There are hardly any detractors saying that Google is throwing away money or is taking any major risk with Google Glass. I guess because it runs on Android, it has to be a huge success and sell in the tens of millions of units. Google Glass should easily push Google shares to $1000 being that it's such a wonderful product.

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