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May 01, 2013


Thanks for your feedback Andres.

Hopefully Android fans will understand this and not continually complain about Apple Trademarks. Okay, so I'm optimistic even though the zombies don't understand English to begin with - ha!

Merci Andres

In response to some of the above comments. This is a common misconception with trademarks. Google trademarks the words "glass" and "field trip" but these are always in connection to a ware (good or product) or service.

Most likely, they have trademarked these in connection to "portable eyewear technology" for example. This just means that no one else going into that business can call their product "glass".

It in no way means other companies cannot use "glass" for their products. Moreover, if your product is actually "glass" and you try to trademark "glass", it will be rejected, since it's a common language term and cannot be used for the exact item its describing.

For the same reason that Apple can trademark "apple" for computers, but an apple orchard could not trademark "apple orchard" for their orchard. I hope this helps to clarify the matter. ..

Sad thing is, Apple had every reason to trademark App Store. They were the first with one, they coined the term, and they popularized it. Now everyone and their mother wants to cry foul AFTER its become a huge success and they want in on that iconic phrase. But of course, they'll do mental gymnastics to figure out a way to justify how Google trademarking "field trip" or "glass" is somehow different.

I don't care what Google trademarks, its what businesses do, they coin phrases and then trademark it. Its just the amount of immature hypocrisy among the zombies is pathetic. And whats worse is Google encourages this type of behavior, with their careful choice of words they say in the media, or contesting Apples trademarks/patents, when they know damn well they're playing the exact same game Apple is.

Will every school have to pay to use field trip forms and use the word field trip.

Glass, really?

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