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March 19, 2013


I LOVE THIS SITE! Finally a site that calls it as it is! I love the "Of course they have to figure out what Apple is doing" line. Exactly what ran through my head when I heard the story.

Of course, Yacko. It's just the timing. Apple grabs headlines due to their patent so Samsung wants the pro-Samsung press to counter it. But there was no mention of a Smart watch until the patent came to light. They want the press to counter anything that will give Apple the limelight. They're a little demented that way of late.

Lee Iacocca once said: Lead, follow or get out of the way.

Samsung is a great follower, but a follower nonetheless. It may change over time, but for now, they're generally trying to mirror Apple in every way.

While it is Samsung copying, it might have to do it as a defensive position. Assuming an Apple iWatch is real, imagine Apple creating something that syncs to both iOS and Android devices. This would be the ideal entry point corrosive to Android. A watch whose features everybody wants and a presence that introduces normal Android users to the Apple way of doing things. Sure many would not switch, but like Windows on Macs, it will eventually carve off a small portion of users and convert them to Apple customers. Obviously Samsung needs a competing watch to present to its user base.

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