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March 19, 2013


I agree with you, James.
Apple will most likely strike a deal with the major banks first before releasing their solution. And rather than banks creating each own solution, Apple will have an unified one.
What I like in Apple is that they don't rush with new functions when most people tell them to, unlike competitors.

I wouldn't take Phils comments too seriously. Its typical Apple exec speak, much like Steve Jobs dismissing tablets at an old D Conference while he was in fact secretly developing their own tablet prototype OS.

Its not clear NFC is the solution to any current problem? Well that may be true, because he's actually thinking to himself that "NFC paired with our biometrics technology coming in the future that will be the complete solution to the problem, fully realized with a complete solution."

You know how Apple is. He's not going to say "Well we're just not ready to put NFC in our phones, but we will in the future when we are finished crossing every T and dotting every I"

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