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March 17, 2013


Jack, thank you for your articles, for which I like Patently Apple more and more.

Special thanks for this report. It's just awesome! Haven't heard any of those arguments anywhere yet. Even respected resources shut their mouths on such topics. You don't. Thank you for that!

They just couldn't do a presentation in a worse way. Let me list some of things:
• CEO of Samsung self-portrayed as a ''new Steve Jobs'', just watch the moments when he appears from behind the curtain.
• The woman part portrays homewives that they dropped off college or high school because they get married or get pregnant early. Seriously, Samsung couldn't portray women more dumber than it did that night.
• People who presented features were mostly (if not all) actors. I don't know about the guy in the very broad ugly pants that explain most of the features, but rest were just bunch of fools.

Well I think, this is a result of competition among two companies to become the number one in the mobile industry.

Posting here from Seoul, where I'm a long-term observer of the scene. I agree with your sentiments, but would add that the Korea Times should never be taken as a fair barometer of Korean opinion. Their articles on Samsung have been over-the-top obsequious for many years. Judging from comments by netizens (in Korean) attached to articles and bulletin boards in the past few days, the preliminary judgement on the S4 ranges from mild disappointment to sharp derision. Right now phones from LG and Pantek appear to be riding high in the tech world here, and the iPhone is maintaining its very loyal fan base.
The Korean press has yet to report on the negative perceptions of the roll-out event, including charges of sexist portrayals and likely is at a loss how to understand U.S. press reaction.

Yes I saw that bizarre and ugly event - relive as I had no motivation to watch it live. After seeing it, I was quite happy not to have lost sleep to watch one of the most pathetic product launch I saw till date and that too from a multinational company. Last year I have seen almost every product launch from technology companies including, Windows 8 developer conference, but this is the worst of all. They said, they have a camera which can take audio before picture - I am emberassed listening to this!
Honestly, they go gigantic screens because they cannot fit in a strong performing hardware in a small screen at all.

Spirol, Thanks for your comment but I think that you've been watching too many Exorcist movies (ha!). I know that you believe that Samsung does no wrong and I appreciate your view to a point, but stop drinking the holy water.


Whenever there is an inflammatory post about Samsung - the worms come out of the woodwork vilifying the company and proclaiming it the antichrist.

A court in California disagrees with you.

Samsung is analysing the competition - there is no 'proof' of copying...

I guess you didn't pay attention to Microsoft's Surface introduction.
They also copied this and other this from Apple.

I have tried to be patient and to understand but hiring cheap celebrities
To lie on their blogs about Apple is the last straw.
I am done with this company. I will never buy any Samsung product again
Shame on them. An embarrassment to a formerly good company.

Is that Samsung' new copycat mantra? Who knew? To me it sounds more like a drug induced psychiatric treatment for Cultists. Oh the joy of copying and stealing ideas. Who cares who invented it, it's ours for the taking, the joy of taking. Never forget "the joy" of it.

Just sleep it off, you'll feel better in the morning.

It strikes me that you missed the point of the joy associated with discovering the new "real competitors don' look for cheaters, they race to the finish and lean into the tape."

This should be a front page story rather than the bought and paid for stories I've been reading about the G4 launch. Samsung = F-

Anytime a company that has the success that Apple has had can expect to be copied. Maybe Apple didn't expect if from partners like Samsung & Google. Especially since Google's CEO was on Apple's board of directors before that launched Android. That seems almost criminal to me, unethical at best.

At least Apple does benefit from the first mover advantage as they did with iPods, iPhones and iPads. It normally takes the imitators a few years to catch up. Apple just has to continue to innovate and patent what they can to slow imitators down.

Hopefully, Apple and customers will benefit from the competition.

Fantastically insightful and inciteful blog post.

I'd appreciate it if you'd add a postscript referencing the, what was it?, 189-page document in which Samsung's software/hardware engineers analyzed every single detail of the iPhone in order to copy it!


That was revealing about the company's DNA, for sure!

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