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March 19, 2013


Another example of that microsoft tax

I don't think this had anything to do with "performance," Odo.

With the new Ultrabook Convertibles coming out this summer, Microsoft should by default use the traditional Windows UI in notebook mode and the Metro-styled UI as default in tablet mode. Time will tell what they'll do, but for now, vendors dropping Windows isn't good news for Redmond.

Oh, Micro$oft...

Windoze 8 is another Vista, but not for the same reasons. They'll come out with something that's improved, but they'll still force people to pay for their (Micro$oft's) mistakes, again, just to upgrade to something usable for the masses.

I had no idea Windows 8 didn't perform up to par. So many of the reports I'd heard said that Windows 8 was faster than Windows 7 but it's just that computer users didn't need to upgrade merely for the latest features Windows 8 offered. Microsoft will just have to charge more to consumers deciding to use Windows 8 in order to make up their losses from OEM suppliers. Microsoft will never lose money selling Windows. It's their core product and main cash-cow.

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