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January 18, 2013


Thanks so much for your typical Android response Xdapao3.

However, here's the thing, Apple invented the modern day tablet and everyting that went into it to finally make it work after a decade of it being a loser for Micrsoft. Apple is the one that had the technical savviness to put the whole widget into the market as a winner. Did you catch the last word, winner.

Making a product a little bigger like the Galaxy SIII or making it smaller like their 7" tablet doesn't constitute Samsung being innovative. That's where you Android Sheep get confused. You're listening to the propoganda from one of the sleeziest copycats on the planet.

If you think Samsung is a copycat for making an 8" tablet than I should let you know that the real copycat (by your very own standard) is Apple for making the iPad mini since Samsung has been making 7", 7.7" and 8.9" tablets long before crApple...

more importantly Sharp panel has never been found in any ipad only in iphone 5.

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