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January 18, 2013


Here are the first two lines of Google's patent abstract:

"The present application discloses systems and methods for a virtual input device. In one example, the virtual input device includes a projector and a camera. The projector projects a pattern onto a surface."

So what were you saying about Google not using a projector?

While perhaps influenced by Mistry's demo, and superficially similar when you look at the drawing, Google's invention is most certainly not a copy. Rather than projecting an actual image of buttons on the user's hand, as Mistry's system does, Google glasses overlays the image in the user's field of vision.

I quoted Page. How clear do you need it.

Google is not even a genius in copying, yet there are so many people who are hypnotized into thinking that google is an innovator; and thae ignoramus would shell out their savings to buy google crap.

What's to stop Mistry from opposing the patent, heck even profiting off of it by demonstrating that he has prior art? Google couldn't afford the negative PR if they decided to oppose him.

Didn't Page just say that the pace of innovation was dead?

Google is the worst tech company. What have they given us besides so-so search that's loaded with advertising fecal matter?

Great post. Google has proven time and again that they are full of shit with thier "don't be evil" BS, but it always gets sweept under the rug. Other examples include hiring over a dozen lobbying firms, stealing data and being caught lying about it, abusing thier monopoly on search, getting fined for circumventing internet browser (Safiari) privacy features..

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