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January 08, 2013


Wrong. The mouse interface API isn't becoming restricted. It's being expanded. I wish people would think before their write comments more often.

No mouse accepted? Really. That's never going to happen as it's the nature of many apps like Word where you'll always need a mouse for real productivity.

The multi-touch desktop has been around for a while with HP and works just fine. I think that Apple is behind and by the time they have a competing product, no one will give a crap. Apple is behind the curve on this one and unless they jump in this year, they won't be able to claim any revolutionary leap. They lost that window of opportunity.

Apple hasn't made a touchscreen computer yet because every single one of these is absolutely terrible. Apple will have one. You can tell by the way OS X is moving. OS XI will be completely multitouch. No mouse accepted, much less required.

But we're not there yet. When Apple reinvents desktop computing for a third time, everyone will wonder how we got along before it, much less without it. These touchscreen monstrosities will look as archaic to us as the Newton does today.

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