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December 18, 2012


Apple has gotten way too much ego boost over the past years. 10 years ago apple was superior quality for a niche of designers who were willing to pay double the price for something way over the market standards. then ipod, iphone came and now every college students will use a mac and 20% of his capabilities. then Job passes away, apple comes up with a longer iphone and calls its the 5,an ipad mini, a horrible map gps and all kinds of patent lawsuits from left and right. plus the apps, which used to be something for iphone only, are now available to every device (here's an exmaple: http://www.mevvy.com/articles/the-15-best-tools-apps-for-blackberry-part-1/) and many devices proved to be actually better than an iPhone. will apple continue to be the leader? yes. but his margin are getting narrower and narrower...hopefully this will be a wake up call and Iphone 6 will truly be a shocking phone

I would urge caution when using Chinese media sources. Like Korea (where I live), the media there are often captured by special interests.

What kind of dealers? Oh...u mean those that mark em up so much type dealers! Duh....of course, with supply channels in China getting better...this grey gravy train has to slow down to a grind!

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