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December 11, 2012


I think they'll have a hard time winning when Colorsync was invented in 1988.


Ha, ha, ha, ha! Thanks for the laugh Jasyn.

Everyone on the planet knows that Samsung copied Apple's iPhone. Even Samsung knows it. Apple did the moral thing in protecting it's IP. For every patent that's been rejected, Apple could replace it with five others.

Immoral, you say? Surely you jest. That's reserved for Samsung Exclusively!

Ridiculous, you say? Only a Samsung fan could even think that way. Samsung sues companies all of the time to protect their IP. They're now in deep litigation regarding OLED technology with LG. Who are you kidding?

But hey, thanks for the laugh Jasyn. I really appreciate your sense of humor.

Apple is just as guilty of frivolous patent lawsuits as any patent troll... Just because it makes products does not mean that any lawsuit it initiates is moral. Two of its favorite, most asserted patents in the U.S. have a preliminary ruling of being invalid (multi-touch and rubber banding). Even many Apple fans are beginning to see Apple's actions as childish, immoral, and ridiculous.

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