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November 11, 2012


Talk about a blind bat who sees what he wants to see. There is not implying, "docsaq," it's called clarifying the main points of the Judges ruling and the Italics is to ensure the reader knows what the Judge actually said.

It's obvious that you're an Android extremist trying to shout fire when there isn't any.

With the italic and bold effects patently apple implying 'misinterpretations' of judgement. While you may agree or not the decision is right there, but as they say its only fair if it suits us, apple in this case. For a troll like apple, it serves you right! Go play with your rectangles with rounded edges.

While I understand that the judges were upset with the original notice, it seems that this has become personal for them with their statements about Apple's 'integrity'.

Reading UK papers which reflect widespread anti-Apple sentiment, one would wonder how the UK could remain a prime market for Apple. Perhaps we are seeing the more sensationalist views.

A remarkably short, clear and understandable finding. Mind you, I've not read many, so do not know what the standard is.

If I were Apple, I'd quit selling their products in the UK. The sales dip would hardly be noticed.

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